Our Voice Indonesian Muslim Generation for America and Israel

Our Voice Indonesian Muslim Generation for America and Israel

By Sandri Rumanama
Political Social Observer

The land of Jerusalem is the land of the history of his civilization man knows the god, the land of prophets and apostles unfit to be inhabited by armed men and imperialists, who do not appreciate the value of humanity, disrespect differences, and respect the basic freedoms as human beings.

In principle, the Israelites are properly mental colonizers, as well as the colonial unfit to inhabit the holy land of Jerusalem, because Israel is a non-believing country of the year, they are not Jews, nor Christians, islam or any kind of belief, why is it because of the Torah, Zabur, Gospel and the Qur’an is the book of the word of God which carries the mission for the glory of man, and man as Caliph to his family, his people and the universe as a form of accountability to God.

With that our attitude as a generation of Muslims who are in the country with the largest Muslim population in the world is ready to die and willing to sacrifice to guard the holy land of Jerusalem as the land of the prophets and the land of history, civilized and portrait of world peace.

The attitude of the American president is so immoral and arrogantly disrespectful to Islamic beliefs or religions, so the best way for us is to condemn American decisions in a way defending the land of Jerusalem to our last drop of blood. We young Muslim Indonesians will occupy the United States of America in our country, block all US investment assets, if America does not stop its unethical mission for us, then our attitude is unanimous and determined.

“America Does Not Have Any Rights To The Land Of Jerusalem Then America Should Not Interfere in This Affair. The Attitude of the President of America Becomes the Way to Third World War & It Has Potentially Happen”.

Greetings of Humanity