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Headlines · 10 Jan 2020 13:07 WIB ·

GENPPARI Dreams Unite the World Through the Bridge of Tourism

 GENPPARI Dreams Unite the World Through the Bridge of Tourism Perbesar

Jakarta, – The role of the Indonesian Tourism National Movement (GENPPARI) in the field of tourism is no doubt. Communities that have a variety of backgrounds, commit themselves without seeing the difference. All united to advance Indonesian tourism. No matter how small the potential of tourism that is owned by an area, will be explored in order to provide maximum benefits and benefits for the prosperity of the community. If the community is prosperous, it will automatically strengthen the basis of a nation’s economic security.

This is in line with what was conveyed by GENPPARI Executive Chairman Dede Farhan Aulawi when contacted via his telephone contact in Jakarta, Wenesday (8/1). Dede realized to continue to create dreams as a start for gaining enthusiasm for success. One of the dreams built by GENPPARI is to unite the world without boundaries of difference through the tourism bridge. Thus peace and peace of world community can be achieved.

Tourism does not recognize various divisions of difference. Regardless of differences in ethnicity, language, religion, education, or gender in general, definitely like beauty. Both beauty manifested naturally or artificially in the form of works. If the world does not have territorial barriers, beauty in any part of the world can be enjoyed by all human beings as natural rights as well as human rights to enjoy every beauty.

Man is truly beautiful, and he will surely love beauty. Moreover, Indonesia also has an extraordinary diversity of arts and culture of the nation. Plus culinary and fashion. Complete a variety of world works that are spread out and very spoil every eye that sees it. For this reason, GENPPARI was born, starting from Indonesia to deliver a message of peace and prosperity to humanity everywhere. Dede closing statement.

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